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My Yahoo is an excellent feature by Yahoo where users can personalize their homepage based on their choices and likings. There are times when you log in to a webpage and see contents which are not relevant to you. For example, you see the weather conditions and forecast of a random location or the location where you don’t live, instead of seeing the news of your country or location, you see World news. This information although real, do not hold any relevance to you.

Not only news and weather, but Yahoo also offers many other features under “My Yahoo” to make the user experience more personalized and trendier. Yahoo allows the users to even personalize the layout and appearance of what you see on the Homepage and Yahoo Mail. Users can apply themes, add sites of their choices, add widgets they want and can also add tabs to the pages. These features are quite addictive and enhance the user’s experience. Some of the best and most used features of My Yahoo are discussed below.

  • Weather– The weather widget is added by default in your “My Yahoo” Page and shows the current weather and forecast of your current location. Also, the weather and forecast of the major cities of the world are shown in the list. Yahoo lets you personalize this widget according to your needs. You can remove your default location and add one or multiple locations as per your convenience. You can also remove this widget from the “Add Content” option on the homepage.

  • Themes- My Yahoo lets you change the themes as per your choice. There are several themes available including dark themes to suit your needs and moods. Themes change the look and feel of your Yahoo Homepage completely and make it better to your eyes and mind. To change or select a new Theme, go to “Choose Themes” on your “My Yahoo” homepage. Select the theme you want to apply and click on Done.

  • Add Content- You can add and remove anything and everything you see on your “My Yahoo” Homepage from “Add content” button. Whatever you see on the homepage is basically added from here. There are so many categories of contents present as options for you to choose and make it display on your homepage. Some of the topics include Careers & Finance, Celebrity, Kids & Parenting, Love and Relationship, News, Technology etc. You can also select and add the current trending topics so that you can see the updated trends every time.

To add a content, go to “Add Content”. Choose your options and category from the list on the left-hand side of the page. When you click on a particular topic, you will see many more options on the right-hand side of the page to choose from. Click on the ‘+’ sign and click on Done to add that content into your homepage. Please remember, you can more than one content and topic from the list by selecting multiple options. Also, the search option on the top of the page lets you search your content directly and add.

  • Edit Layout – This is a very good option to manage your homepage layout. You can choose the font size (small, standard and large) and the number of columns to be displayed on your Homepage. Editing the layout as per your convenience makes it better for viewing and makes you remember the places of the widgets you have added to the page.

To Edit the layout of your Homepage, go to “Edit Layout” which is the second option after “Add Content”. Choose the number of columns you want to see and the font size of your choice. Click on ‘Done’ to make the changes to take effect on the page. Enjoy your view.

  • Tabs- Tabs lets you put different themes and views on different tabs and select and keep a particular tab whenever you want. You can have multiple tabs and each one of them can have different contents and themes. You can also rename and delete a tab whenever you want. This helps you to view different contents every day and select a tab according to your mood and requirement.

To add a tab, click the ‘+’ sign beside the already existing tabs. You will see “My New Tab” highlighted. Leave it as it is or rename it and your tab will be created. Now add contents to the new tab and enjoy a customized look. You can also delete an existing tab by taking the cursor on the tab and pressing the close option. You will be prompted for deletion and once you confirm, the tab will be deleted.

Finals Words

My Yahoo gives its users an incredible experience of a customized and personalized Yahoo Homepage. A page filled with a lot of information and entertaining stuff makes it very popular for the Yahoo users. Almost everybody who uses Yahoo customizes their page from “My Yahoo” and takes its benefits.