Yahoo Mail Features

Features of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is one of the best and the oldest Mail services in the world. When people were not even aware much about the internet, Yahoo Mail had millions of registered users availing the features of the best web-based email service of that time. Because of its tangy user web interface, it has always managed to be in the top of the list of the most widely used email services in the world. There are numerous features of Yahoo Mail which makes it easy to use and popular amongst people across the world. Apart from Mailing services, Yahoo is one of the oldest networks in providing telecommunication and marketing services. With a huge number of registered users, Yahoo has been providing its Mail Services for the personal and professional usage successfully across the globe. Some of the most amazing features of Yahoo Mail are discussed below.

  • Yahoo Mail is extremely user-friendly and easy to use application of Yahoo. It provides crystal clear difference between Inbox, sent mails, Spams, Unread, Drafts etc. so that all your mails can be managed easily and efficiently.
  • In order to manage the online memory, Yahoo Mail preserves the unwanted mails for 90 days and then deletes them automatically.
  • You can save all your contacts online with the feature called Yahoo Contact and can send them mails directly from the contacts which makes your tasks easier and consumes less time.
  • With the help of Yahoo Calendar feature, you can have a check on all the important dates and events in your calendar and get notifications for those dates and events. All thanks to the Yahoo Calendar, you will never miss your important events whether it’s personal or professional.

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  • All the data you store online on Yahoo Mail. can be used and accessed from anywhere online. It provides the online storage capacity of 25 GB and hence for the documents, images and other files you send and receive across Yahoo Mail, you get a space of 25 GB.
  • With the settings feature present on the right-hand side of the Yahoo Mail page, you can customize the look of your WebMail page based on your choice. The various settings include the colorful Themes, Choice of contrast of themes (Light, Medium and Dark), Font size, Message Layout, Inbox Spacing and much more. Choose what suits you the best.

  • Yahoo mail ensures the privacy of its users and also makes sure that all the information exchanged through its network on the mail are safe and secured. All the data on Yahoo Mail are preserved.
  • Yahoo Mail provides a set of services with the Yahoo mail itself apart from the Yahoo mail services. Yahoo Mail includes services like Yahoo Search Engine, Yahoo Messenger (Discontinued recently), Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Answers etc. When a user is logged in to his mail, he enjoys other services as well.
  • Yahoo keeps you up-to-date with all the latest news and on-goings on its homepage. You can just switch on to the homepage from your email whenever you want and you will see lots of fresh, updated and trendy contents that will surely make you stick to the page the whole day.
  • Yahoo provides you with the best support for all the services it provides. Whether it is Mail or any other service, the support team ensures you that you do face any difficulties whatsoever in using any of the Yahoo’s services.